Process Serving

Providing best in class process serving in San Diego and all of Southern California.

Medrano & Associates

Serving San Diego since 2008. Mike Medrano is a licenced Process Server finding the most evasive people others can’t.

I am a retired Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense and have been providing legal services since 1994.

Process Serving

Process Serving can be tough and costly with the wrong server and time lost could be the matter of a case going in your direction or not. 

Mike Medrano has been serving papers since 1990.  Mike keeps his registration current  allowing him to serve any type of document that you have which include all court orders.

Experienced server with extensive knowledge and experience to serve the hardest evasive people in southern California.

Body Cameras while Process Serving

Medrano & Associates also is one of the first companies to use body cameras while process serving to discourage anyone from reporting that they were not served. This saves the client money on not having to pay for unnecessary court appearances.

We have a high success rate in serving individuals. Give us a call so we can handle your service of process needs and put you at ease knowing that the job will get done.

Read more on why body cams are important here.

Process Serving


Mike is a great guy! My former law firm uses him all the time. He is very professional and always gets the job done!

Hope B. 01-15-19

Let me start by telling you that Mike is one of the best people you’ll ever have a chance to meet. He and his team care, deeply, about their work. They are patient, understanding, thorough and relentless. I understand things may not be going to way you planned if you need to use a team like Mike and his people. Or you may have something you need handles discreetly and professionally. You can do no better and need look no further than Mike and his team. Trust me, you’ll be glad you called them.

Todd S. 01-15-19

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