Infidelity Surveillance

Providing discrete infidelity surveillance compliant with all San Diego laws so you’ll have confidence in court. When you absolutely need to know you have a cheating spouse.

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Serving San Diego since 2008.  Infidelity is one of the hardest emotional tragedies to go through, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Infidelity surveillance can provide you with peace of mind, or the evidence you’ll need in court against your cheating spouse. Having the best infidelity investigator will make the difference. 

I am a retired Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense and have been providing legal services since 1994.

Infidelity Surveillance

In life, no matter the situation, you need the most complete amount of correct information to be able to make an informed decision. With decisions as sensitive as those involving a cheating spouse, you should be sure that you have the full truth and facts, enabling you to act with confidence. Hiring the right infidelity investigator can make all the difference when making these life changing decisions. 

Questions and doubts about the trustworthiness of those closest to you can leave you unsure where to turn. Infidelity surveillance is one of our most experienced fields and we will leverage our expertise to help you obtain useful information regarding your spouse’s potential unfaithfulness. Experts in physical surveillance working discreetly and carefully will ascertain with the location of an individual at any time, day or night. If you are unsure your partner is where they have said they will be we can help you uncover the truth of the matter.

A well trained infidelity investigators can help you protect yourself and your future with the full knowledge that a thorough investigation can provide you. Your instincts are a powerful tool and you should trust them. If you feel something is amiss contact us today to get the answers you deserve. We ensure that the facts of your case will be kept entirely confidential and secure. Get the peace of mind you need and find out the truth.

Motivations of a Cheating Spouse.

Men and women are completely different and cheat for different reasons. Men don’t know how to express their feelings of love to their partner. They show it in a physical way. Women show their love in an emotional way. In other words, men don’t know how to communicate to their spouse and react. When a man gets declined for sex from their spouse, they take it to heart and feel rejected so men at times will look to fill that void somewhere else. Dissatisfied with sex from their spouse is the number one reason why men cheat. Women cheat for the lack of emotional support from their spouse and feel disconnected in their marriage.

Why do people have affairs?

  1. Childhood abuse whether it is sexual, physical or mental abuse. Maybe they had a parent who constantly cheated.
  2. Having second thoughts about being married.
  3. Jealousy of the attention a newborn baby may be receiving.
  4. Addiction to Pornography.
  5. Internet, having an emotional affair online.
  6. Opportunity
  7. Poor boundaries
  8. Not satisfied with sex from spouse.
  9. Alcohol or drug abuse.

Infedelity Signs:

Signs of infedelity are easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Change in habits

If your gut tells you then you’re probably right. No one knows your spouse better than you. Be mindful of changes of character. 

Appearance changes

Spouse is changing their body type, working out a lot, wearing perfume or cologne, dressing in nicer clothes. Do they seem to be grooming themselves for others or you?

Secrecy in behavior/activities

Accuses spouse of having an affair is very common along with significant changes in sexual relationship. Spouce may have periods not being reachable. 


Decrease interest in family

Distant to family at home. Not wanting to be involved in family activities. Their mind is often elsewhere and not fully engaged. Acting more as a visitor. 

Coming home late from work

Work schedule changes, comes home later than usual, leaves for work earlier than usual. Continually having meetings after normal work hours.

Lock on cell phone

Takes phone everywhere with them especially to the bathroom. Often takes phone calls or texts outside especially around the same time. Hides phone and has passwords on their phone.

Infidelity Surveillance


Let me start by telling you that Mike is one of the best people you’ll ever have a chance to meet. He and his team care, deeply, about their work. They are patient, understanding, thorough and relentless. I understand things may not be going to way you planned if you need to use a team like Mike and his people. Or you may have something you need handles discreetly and professionally. You can do no better and need look no further than Mike and his team. Trust me, you’ll be glad you called them.

Todd S. 01-15-19

Mike was informative from the start explaining the procedures along with capabilities and limitations of surveillance. Mike was honest and direct with his services. While on the job, Mike continued his duties receiving critical information and actioning appropriately. Mike seemed to have the knowledge pertinent to produce evidence that was imperative to the clients goals. However from the start I was aware surveillance results may of produced nothing dependent of the situation. Mike was diligent in his duties prompting the success of evidence retrieval. In my situation my case was successful.

Jesse T. 12-30-18

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