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Hiring a well trained background check investigator is crucial to an exhaustive check. 

I am a retired Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense and have been providing legal services since 1994.

Background Checks

Background Checks

A background investigation is about obtaining good information on a person. We have investigators that go to each and every Courthouse in San Diego on a regular basis. We utilize databases that are only available to private investigators to obtain information to start your background checks. Many background checks require a creative approach and we may suggest surveillance and/or a trash pull in order to provide additional details about the subject of the background investigation. Using a skilled background check investigator is key to getting the information you need.

Who may want or need a background check?


People who do online dating may want a background check to be done to verify who a person says they are. Anyone can post anything online. It is much harder to fake your background in government databases.

In Home Care

A couple who is considering hiring a nanny to watch their children must always hire an investigator to conduct a background check. Or your senior parent that needs in home care should have that person checked.


Companies wanting to hire individuals for a job may want to conduct a background check for any criminal convictions and trade secret violations with former employers.

Regardless of why you need a background investigation, Medrano & Associates will provide you with experienced, professional advice from a licensed private investigator. Call us today so that we may help you with your background investigation.

Criminal Background Checks

Making criminal background checks part of your hiring process is critical for protecting your customers, employees and vendors. If you are considering hiring someone to come in to your home to take care of an elderly parent or sick family member, know who they are. Read more here.


Background Checks


Mike was informative from the start explaining the procedures along with capabilities and limitations of surveillance. Mike was honest and direct with his services. While on the job, Mike continued his duties receiving critical information and actioning appropriately. Mike seemed to have the knowledge pertinent to produce evidence that was imperative to the clients goals. However from the start I was aware surveillance results may of produced nothing dependent of the situation. Mike was diligent in his duties prompting the success of evidence retrieval. In my situation my case was successful.

Jesse T. 12-30-18

Mike is a great guy! My former law firm uses him all the time. He is very professional and always gets the job done!

Hope B. 01-15-19

Criminal Background Checks

When do you need a criminal background checks?  Hiring an individual for employment and hiring an at home health care professional. Making a bad hire can prove costly for your business and wasted resources. It can possibly damage your reputation, and lower morale...

What is Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance Investigation is a close observation of a person, place or object. It is the practice of watching a subject in order to document their activities and whereabouts without that person knowing. The investigator must be able to do his/her job discreetly....

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