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Mike Medrano is a retired Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense and has been providing legals services since 1994 and private investigators services since 2008.

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Our private investigator services:

Background Checks

A background investigation is about obtaining good information on a person.

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General Surveillance

Individuals and companies have reasons to verify information provided them.

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Process Serving

Mike Medrano has been serving papers since 1990.

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Missing Persons

The most frightening time of your life needs the highest trained people.

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Infidelity Surveillance

Infidelity surveillance can provide you a peace of mind, or the evidence you’ll need in court.

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Workers’ Comp Fraud

Worker’s compensation fraud cost California $1-3 Billion annually.

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Wondering ‘what is surveillance’ and is it right for you? Check out this blog post to learn more.

Since 2010

Medrano & Associates

 Private Investigaor

Retired Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense, Mike Medrano, started his private investigation company to serve San Diegans in what is most often a very trying time.

Mike Medrano has been providing legal services since 1994 with his first company Active Legal Service which he sold in 2007. He started his private investigation in in San Diego in 2008.

The comfort of knowing a highly trained team is here to help you cannot go without saying. Not just some person with a license, but one with years of training and deep knowledge of the laws.

You’ll have the confidence of having Medrano & Associates on the stand representing you in court with this high level of integrity from many years of dedicated service in San Diego.

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